It is our biology


How many times have you been relaxing when a funny story popped up on your social media, or perhaps you have seen a ‘feel good’ video, the skateboarding dog on Youtube. It leaves you in a good mood usually with a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Or maybe you find a story that upsets you, crime, a fraud or serious incident that ‘makes your blood boil’ or raises your blood pressure.

You see, stories really can affect our biology.

Stories are information put into a context that’s emotionally resonant, our brains are wired to receive stories more readily than straight data.

Stories create powerful emotions, when you experience an idea or information through a narrative, you actually experience biological changes in your body. Your brain produces higher levels of oxytocin, which is associated with empathy, feelings of closeness, affinity and kinship. Biologically you can feel closer to the person who you are entering the story with.

Not only that, stories can transport you to another world. There is a phrase for this ‘narrative transportation’. In the process, it moves you to an action.

This narrative transportation can result in a someone buying your product or service, perhaps even assisting in staff training or recruitment.

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