We offer a range of bespoke courses to suit any university or organisations needs.


Introductory module:

Suited to the absolute beginner, those with no experience, this five-day course will teach the student how to use a camera and the basics of video editing for News all in simple plain English.
At the end of the course, the student will be able to shoot and deliver a basic news package. All cameras are catered for from smartphones and DSLR’s to dedicated video cameras.



For those who wish to improve their camera and editing skills, over a period of five days the student’s skills will be honed, subjects such as waveforms, histograms, and audio compression will be covered enabling a greater understanding of camera operation and editing yielding better results.



Covering technical aspects in a relaxed manner such as how to shoot with log profiles, encoding, The course will explain how to tease the very best image from a camera. Technical jargon is broken down into plain English explanations.
Advanced editing techniques are also covered, from the grammar of editing to advanced technical techniques such as image tracking, text, colour correcting and colour grading.


All of the above courses can be tailored as required.


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